gwen (gwenix) wrote,

ok, philly was much fun, slog makes good food, i am fat now. we played lots games, hung out, i got most of my hw done, and went into philly to see patrick, his kickass club night, and stopped by his store.

i bought too much between his music store and the anarchist bookstore four storefronts down from him. more stuff, but is good stuff.

on the music side, so far i've only gotten as far as the stromkern night rider single mixes, but for all the fans on this list, it's really awesome. i think it's import-only, but worth it. tack 3 is even a rhythm noize piece! remixes of night riders are done by boneyhands, haploidprocess, and rapoon; remixes of im traum done by null device and cycloon; and dr:op:fr:am+e remixes electricity. new tracks solar (the noize piece), timeworn, and heretic ii are on there. ironically, the weak pieces on this are the remixes, of which the null device remix stands out, the new tracks are really the highlights. only the final trancy remix of night riders with 10 minutes of silence with the "hidden" track of some guy speaking german i don't like at all. so, yup. beeporama and pegritz should get this if they haven't already.

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