gwen (gwenix) wrote,

heh, as tyrsalvia wrote, "hmm. i haven't posted much of anything personally lately, so here goes:"

i took my second midterm this week, will see how that went. this one was more difficult than the first in its traces, so i was at least pleased with the brain usage factor.

my arm is killing my sleep with its itch. this has driven me into manic mode, what with 4 hours of sleep nightly, so sigh.

i have, however, accomplished a few milestones in its usage. i am driving again. i am able to go to the grocery store on my own. i was able to tie my shoes tonight (no more of the zipper up boots that do kick ass stylishly, but suck for walking in, especially in the current weather).

i am thinking of larping tomorrow. yah yah, shaddup.

i've been insane busy at work with a lot of freebsd 4.6 upgrades.

i am very much looking forward to going to philly for turkey day weekend with k3llya, and will be staying with slog. i will be on a mandatory online hiatus during that time to help with much needed break, though i will have my cell phone.

i have an overwhelming desire to get rid of stuff. eyebite has dibs on my nerf weapons, sorry.

so, all is well in gwenland. though, as assemblage 23 points out, i might be feeling differently next week:

The epiphany that came to fall
Finally helped me reconcile
What I felt wasn't joy at all
All this time it was just denial

-- assemblage 23, bi-polar

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