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Lord of the Rings ext ed

I slept lots today, after being at work late due to a failing server I ended up sleeping far into the evening. I knew I'd wake up to the LotR ext ed DVD set on my doorstep, though, I'd been tracking it all this past week; I'd hoped to wake up early enough to watch it in full, though, alas. I did watch the first half between getting laundry done and getting ready for work... and wow.

Without spoiling, there were a lot of .. not loose ends, but scenes that seemed to be almost as non-sequitors in the original that are now tied in very well. Plus, there's a *lot* more character development in the story. They've even added back in singing, but don't worry, eyebeams, it feels natural when they do so.

I am liking this edition a lot more than the original.
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