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So, my best friend from HS just called, she's back in the states
right now visiting her brother in Milwaukee. She'll be here May
3rd! I'm so excited!

For those who haven't heard my spew on Ranju, she's one of my
favorite people ever. She and I were at Allderdice together,
becoming best friends the Senior year, and have kept in touch by
email ever since. This is extraordinary, since she moved to
Australia to pursue her medical degree after HS. See, she was born
there, though she grew up most of her time in India (she is Indian,
but her parents lived in many places, including .au, .uk, and .us
while she was growing up), so when it came time for college, she
found that she could get her medical degree in Australia very
cheaply as an Australian citizen (having been born there). Every
so often, she does come into the states to visit her brother, about
once every three years, and I'll see her then. Though, I think
the last time I saw her was in '98. Wow! Now she is a doctor,
and married! So much has happened. But she's always been my
wonderful optimistic counterpart across the world.


Ok, gotta finish cleaning the house so that it's spotless for her
arrival (yes, it's two weeks away, but I'm not going to be in town
much before her arrival).

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