gwen (gwenix) wrote,

so, i'm finally getting around to reading the silmarillion, and i
can understand why most people seem to find it hard to read, even
those who can get into tokien's more popular book. well, the thing
is, it really is reading like tolkien writing a bible. :)

however, i'm enjoying it so far. i've had the fortune of pulling
at the ear of rob barrett and chris carter (portland style) about
middle earth background stuff for so long, that reading this really
just puts pieces together and fills in holes.

plus, i've discovered that as a gamer, i look at the larger setting,
the world of the story, not just the immediate story. i'm used to
finding the universe the characters live in, the politics between
them, etc. the silmarillion provides a lot of that context, so i'm
thoroughly enjoying it now.

and, ok, the geek part of me loves to see the names i've seen in
angband for so long. :)

thanks, vocis for lending it to me!
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