gwen (gwenix) wrote,

k, concert n arm

We missed Drowning in Whatever'sdrowningthisweek, getting in for
the last of Thou Shalt Not's set... they were fun and good as always.
Then I danced for the next DJ set between performances (old skool
haloween goth music, gotta do it every year)... ran into Wandi who
I haven't seen since she moved to the Netherlands three years ago,
that was really awesome.

Then Android Lust came on. And went on. And on. And really, they
sucked. A guitar (bass?), a synth, and some tiny chick singing,
and none of them ever seemed to be playing the same song at the
same tempo. Top that with the chick's apparent adoration of singing
one note off key, but with full gusto, or just occasionally screeching
into the microphone. Not pleasant, but not in the "supposed to jar
you" way that noize brings, this was just dumb. And I think they
played the longest of all the bands; I really wish their set had
been half as long.

Then the costume contest.. we were all surprised the Leelo costume
didn't win, opting for the Cenobite Pinhead outfit.. Leelo was
second. A Space Ghost was hamming up his part well too (he ot
fourth, alas).

Then Stromkern went up... my feet were hurting by this point (bad
shoes, though they were appropriate for costume), but I went up to
dance anyway. The two synths and drummer came out in Scream masks,
lead singer in a suit, all in black of course. And they did well.
It wasn't the steady stream of energy that I see from VNV Nation
or Haujobb, but then their music is also more varied and more packed
with stuff. They're excellent at putting syncopated lyrics (almost
rap-like) over choppy synths with some noize thrown in the background,
on top of a complex beat... though they do get lyrical and melodic
for some pieces (which aren't so good -- their talent really is in

I had a good time, couldn't sleep after my feet hurt so much!

And, k3llya will be very much missed here. Thank you for the
past 5 years.

In the morning I went back down to the Southside to my doctor's
office and got the half cast. And, that's left me a bit worn. It
didn't suddenly increase my ability to move my arm like I'd hoped,
it has atrophied so much it's just plain more difficult and painful
to deal with it. My elbow is so weak, I can barely hold my arm up
without the support of the full cast. I know that this will change,
look how far my fingers have improved, but I'm hurting and disheartened

Ah well, that's the good and bad. slog and alex are in town to
visit though, the weekend will be good.

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