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ok, rapid fire journal entries.

From my gothlist:

Subject: Layne Staley, dead at 34

Wow. Uh, wow. Ok, only to add more to my dead panic mode... this
is throwing me.

See, when I was in Salt Lake City for my first two years of college,
one of the guys I hung with* would talk about jamming with the guys
from Alice in Chains, apparently knew Layne IIRC. So this is kinda
freaking me out. Like, not that someone is dead ... but that it
seems that bands from my early college days are now killing off
their members. I feel so old.

* Ian Dodge was my friend's name. If anyone knows of his whereabouts
at all, I'd love to send a "hi!" in his direction. I kinda lost
touch with most of my SLC friends after I left, the rest of them
when Carla died.

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