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Ok, the dead cold panic of terror has set in.

In three weeks, I will be back in school.

It was going to CMU's Carnival that really brought this back into
focus for me. You see, I never socialized on my own campus (Pitt),
I always walked up the street to CMU to hang out with my friends
up there. Is how I went to SF and had a bunch of friends already
there; just old buddies from CMU campus. Carnival was always an
integral part of this. Today I wandered back, and it was like it
all came back to me. Only today everyone was much younger, no one
I knew to randomly run into. All new, yet all so old.

So much has happened in the last few years I've been away. I hope
the changes in me are for the much much better, but what if, what
if what if????


Separate issues: Arvin's set that I got to stick around for was
excellent. I danced my heart out with Pegritz to Skinny Puppy's
Worlock. And Dee and I are trying to convince Mari to go up to
Toronto with us. She can't get a ticket for the concert at this
point, of course, but it should be a fun weekend overall. Looking
very much forward to that.

Ok, back to work and PANIC MODE!

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