gwen (gwenix) wrote,

mmm, net.industrial shows..

beeporama should love these:

kearsley posted to his lj about the ebm/industrial show RantRadio. I'm now listening to that in addition to my usual Real Synthetic Audio.

RantRadio seems to be more industrial inclined, RSA is *very* heavy on the synthpop. RantRadio is a full radio station, running constantly with different programs out of Vancouver, RSA is a once-a-week one-hour broadcast (which is up all week for download, I keep an archive, heh) with DJ Todd out of Toronto. Is cool to have these both going. :)

However, it begs the question... how did Canadians get to be the supplier of synth/industrial shows?

(I still think Ceremony should broadcast its night... DJ Todd has 10,000 listeners over the globe, it'd be damn good publicity.)

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