gwen (gwenix) wrote,

this quiz is no surprise

Linguistic 26
Mathematics 43
Visual/Spatial 29
Body/Kinesthetic 30
Naturalistic 28
Music 49
Interpersonal 31
Intrapersonal 43

the quiz can be taken at:

Musical Learner
likes to: sing, hum tunes, listen to music, play an instrument and respond
to music.
is good at: picking up sounds, remembering melodies, noticing pitches/
rhythms and keeping time.
learns best by: rhythm, melody and music.

Logical/Mathematical Learner
likes to: do experiments, figure things out, work with numbers, ask
questions and explore patterns and relationships.
is good at: math, reasoning, logic and problem solving.
learns best by: categorizing, classifying and working with abstract
patterns/ relationships.

Intrapersonal Learner
likes to: work alone and pursue own interests.
is good at: understanding self, focusing inward on feelings/dreams,
following instincts, pursuing interests/goals and being
learns best by: working alone, individualized projects, self-paced
instruction and having own space.

This is such a big fat go figure :)

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