gwen (gwenix) wrote,

ok, update.

i went into surgery on tuesday afternoon... fortunately very asleep for it. doctor says they opened up the arm to find all kinds of small breaks, had to reconstruct the whole arm again, using bone grafts and the inserted plates to repair the arm. he's optimistic that he'll not have to go back into the arm anymore now... it's in a fiberglass cast. this may be updated (prognosis and/or cast) on wednesday when i see him again.

after the surgery, i spent two days in the worst oain of my life. i couldn't sleep that firsi night it was so bad. i'm now on all kinds of highly addictive painkillers (oxycontin, oxycodone, and adivan) to get me through it, but i'm taking less today than even yesterday and the pain is letting up, so looks like the worst is over. after the pain got under control, i spent the better part of two days in bed... i'm thinking that's a large part of why my arm feels so much better so quickly.

so, now it's back to school and work as per my usual hectic life, despite arm. but now i can use a sling sometimes! (though i still have cheese foam for when i'm stationary.) i'm even at my own home to get my hw done tonight... my cat lavished much attention on me :) and pooka's putting up the halloween decor around me. yay!

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