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resting day

Since I'm sure I'm still lingeringly sick, I decided to spend today
more or less resting. So I got myself to the bank to deposit my
paycheck, then brought the new speakers up from the car when I

You see, I have had these old speakers my mom gave me which are
actually pretty good for mid to high range frequencies, but not
very good for low on the entertainment system. Which is good,
since it seems all modern inexpensive speakers think you want BOOM
BOOM BOOM all the time, so are GREAT for low range, good for mid
range, and awful for high range. While at Best Buy the other day,
I listened to a few of these systems, and found the ones that seemed
to be the most robust (KLH); fortunately, they even had a sale on
center/2 back speakers for $100.

I plugged them in with whatever speaker wire I had on hand, which
meant that the back speakers aren't actually in the back of the
room just yet, they're sitting atop the old speakers... but after
I got that running, I sat down and enjoyed the Oingo Boingo Farewell
concert DVD mari's lending me. Oh. My. Gawd. It's a fabulous
wall of sound.

And Oingo Boingo just rocks. Danny Elfman's clearly insanely
brilliant too. I need to get a copy of this DVD for myself now.

Ok, that's pretty much the sum total of my day. Now werky.
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