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This is partly a note to myself to make a vet appointment tomorrow.

Maxx has definitely lost a lot of weight recently; which means he
really isn't eating as much as I thought he wasn't. Given that,
as anyone who knows my cat will attest to, his appetite is legendary,
it is the biggest indicator of his health.

But even weirder, when my roomie came home yesterday, he hissed at
her. I have *never* heard Maxx hiss, and he knows Pooka is a common
face at the house (ok, yes, she's more often gone than there, but

And he's also been "guarding" me religiously, something he does
when he's worried about something (last time it was when his mom
was sick). And... he has a definite tender spot when petting him
on his right flank rear.

At this point he's been my stable companion for years, got me through
a lot of moving around, he's my comfort when I'm home alone, my
buddy that keeps my arm warm when I'm sleeping at night. I never
thought I'd be emotionally dependent on an animal, I like cats
because they *don't* normally demand so much of my attention, but
I have grown pretty attached to this one.

I'm terrified that the FeLV is finally taking its hold on his health.
I've known that he's been fated to not last long for a while, he's
already overlived his expectancy by a few years, but I'm afraid of
losing him now.


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