gwen (gwenix) wrote,

It's been a very long and good weekend. I got out, was social. Did
the concert detailed in previous post, then went to vocis's
place for a Labor Day BBQ and saw many folks there. Yay!

Today my roomie and I went on a bunch of errands (Woot! I have food
in the house again!), and I picked up the next two Trigun DVDs plus
From Hell. I now have a huge backlog of DVDs to watch... good thing
I'm never home to actually do so!

We then went to see xXx.

This was yummy Vin Diesel shirtless shots, but the trix were fairly
lame, and I kept going to the bathroom when dialogue happened, and
thought that I actually got a better movie for it. And I had to
turn my feminist side off pretty early in the movie... not just for
the overt crap you'd expect, but the shots were clearly laid for
men, not women (shirtless Vin Diesel shots kept getting cut off
just below the neck, for instance), and the chick who's supposed
to be an Ace Secret Agent breaks her cover for a crying fit every
time someone stubs their damn toe. Not to mention that she does
the screaming girl victim thing most movies thankfully left behind
last decade. Ok, the latter there is the overt crap you'd expect,
but I still had to rant about it. But it did pump my adrenaline
enough to chant "Ski season in three months" when leaving the
theatre. :)

Ok, well, typing's hard tonight as I have a wrist brace on (nah,
don't panic, my wrist just goes out sometimes and I brace it for a
while, and it gets better), so I will concentrate my bad typing on
work now.

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