gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Concert tonight.

So, went to see Flesh Field tonight.

Actually, let me start back further.

So I get up at 3pm, fairly early for me, and get online. First thing
I see is Ray, "Whoa, gwen's up during daylight?" Then I noticed that
Jeff was talking about the Fetish Ball tonight. Oh yah, I thought,
Flesh Field is playing that, so I should probably go. Hrmm, what do
I have to wear to a Fetish Ball though? OH yah!

So, I got this tank top in NC last week. This tank top rules. It's
stretchy, so tucks in my tummy while showing off my cleavage in a
very flattering way. I managed to find my short black skirt in
some random pile of clean laundry, grabbed the fishnet gartered
stockings, and found the transparent overskirt which is very short
in the front, long in the back. I was *very* pleased with the

I then did my hair up with all kinds of purple extensions and put
on some makeup... though I'm having a really good face day, so even
that was minimal.

After that was done, I realized I was looking fiiiiine. So I called
the cab. And I knew I looked good when the cabbie kept checking me
out in the mirror. :)

I get there while Otto's Daughter was playing and immediately met up
with Sonya.

Erg, ok, I should explain something I didn't realize til later, but
is cool: the theme of the concert itself was Women of Industrial.

So, anyway, we try to yell-talk through Otto's Daughter playing,
but to little avail. It was cool though, because Otto's Daughter
was very good on stage. At some point pegritz came in,
and planted himself on the dance floor... I went up to say hi, and
he said, "I'm already digging this band," I replied, "Hot chick
singing an industrial cover of Depeche Mode, what's not to like?"
"Shit yeah," he replies. And she was very entertaining and excellent
at getting the audience involved in her antics.

Then The Azoic came on, and I was all excited. Then they started
playing and I was disapointed. It's not that I agree with someone's
assessment of "It looks like she's a secretary by day," it's that
they had very little energy up there. It's a real shame, since I
really enjoy their recorded music.

But by then all kinds of people were coming in so I got to hang out
and chat -- you see, I rarerly get out anymore, so it was good to
see all kinds of old friends. It was during this act that Pegritz
mentioned that I was looking good too, so I felt all happy.

Ok, then Flesh Field went on. I quickly finished my last drink (oh
yah, I have no idea how much I drank tonight, at some point I was
getting free drinks), and went down to the dancefloor. They started
at 9pm, ended at 10pm. I danced pretty much the whole set. Wow.
Ok, maybe it was because I was drunk, maybe it's because I'm just
a big fan, but they were everything I expected on stage. By the
time they were done, I was all sweaty and happy.

Then I had to go to work, which is where I am now. Yes, still
fairly drunk, but very happy. I really should go out more often.

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