gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Erg, long long weekend.

So, uhm. I don't really feel like typing out what all happened.
So, I'll try to make the summary short:

The drive down was stormy, we passed through the eye of the storm
while in the middle of a bridge spanning the bay/ocean line between
two islands. The wedding was awesome, very short, very pretty (in
Elizabethan Gardens!), and they stuck a video camera in my hands,
so I had a toy to play with the whole while. vocis and I
also met up with some SCA types and hung out with them for the
reception and at the beach house after the festivities, made a long
quest across three islands for crabs too. I also got to hit the
beach and dive into the waves for a bit too, yay! Unfortunately,
we ended up oversleeping the alarm the next morning, so hit the
road at a mad pace to get me back in time for class.

To make things easier, I ended up going to my mom's since she's on
the east side of the city, and I'm south, and we were coming in
from the east. I went to class from there, then returned, knowing
I didn't work that night, figured I'd hang out and sleep lots, get
my stuff home the next day before work. Well, my mom woke me up
at noon the next day to have me take her to the emergency room.
After 8 hours, several tests (including a spinal tap), and me calling
off work that night as well, she's finally released, they don't
really know what was the matter. But she's doing better today. I
got my stuff home, then returned to keep an eye on her.

Woke up again at noonish today, got some reading for the class done,
then went to class. Btw, this class is looking very ominous. It
could be really neat, it could be really not neat, it will be very
tough emotionally and academically: the classroom turns out to be
in the same building my dad taught classes in, and the prof will
accept no excuses for anything. Not that I plan on making them,
but it's disturbing when they make sure you know so. The book is
very good though, and hopefully we get into the Algorithm Analysis
it promises, though I'm fairly certain a good percentage of the
class can't handle that, alas.

And that is why I've been mostly offline since last friday in a

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