gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Weird day.

Original plans for the day:

Get up around 2pm, fetch car from shop, deliver to mom's, go to Aleris'
for Lunars around 6pm, play Lunars, go to work.

What actually happened:

Woke up after a feverish night around 11am. Since I was awake, my
roomie informs me that Brian Urbanek is in town (he lives in Austin
now), so we all go to lunch. I then do fetch the car from the shop,
deliver it to mom's around 5pm, and as I get there, she informs me
that Uncle Gunther and Aunt Alex are in town and about to show up.

Well, huh. Please note that these are the relatives I was trying
to go visit this week in Winston-Salem before the wedding this
weekend, so it's all very well and good I didn't do that, since
they're *here*.

So, we have dinner until 8pm, at which point I go to Lunars late.
Which is all well and good since we're doing solo stuff in individual
spurts this week, so they could easily start without me. That went
well, I got into work.

I have *no* idea how I'm going to make it through the night, no.

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