gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Back to school time.

It's the final week of my brief break between classes. I'm still
not sleeping well, so I think I'm going to take a sleeping pill
tomorrow to knock myself into unconsciousness for a significant
period of time and get myself reset.

I did get my Pitt ID, my book for the upcoming class (*), and some
paperwork done for the coming semester. I also bought a sleeping
bag on sale in Shadyside so that now I actually have something that
will keep me *warm* in the fall camping season (my old sleeping bag
lost so much down, my top side would be perpetually freezing). So
I guess now Ray and I are obligated to get out to the woods next
month. ahem.

vocis and I might go down to NC for a wedding of an
old friend of mine this coming weekend; depending on if she can
make it (I decided my driving down there alone is a recipe for
falling asleep at the wheel, heh). Yay!

And the last piece of news... the mechanic couldn't find the leak
on my Explorer -- which means it's not likely to be the transmission,
but some failing gasket somewhere. Soooo... no Wrangler yet, the
Explorer will yet live a while longer.
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