gwen (gwenix) wrote,

and the fluff for the night...

[ Current Clothes ] Wumpscut T-shirt (black, from Boeses Junges Fleisch boxed set), black jeans, black sandals
[ Current Mood ] depressed, in a good way
[ Current Music ] Neuronium - Flying Over Kai Tak
[ Current Taste ] hrmm, newp, I still taste like masking tape
[ Current Make-up ] Whatever makeup I had on got sweat off during the bike ride
[ Current Hair ] ponytail, see note about bike ride
[ Current Annoyance ] that sleep issue
[ Current Smell ] yes, sorry about the bike ride everyone
[ Current thing I ought to be doing] fixing someone's htaccess file
[ Current Desktop Picture ] the Colorado fires as seen from a pool of water during sunset. this will change in 5 minutes (random rotation).
[ Current Favorite Artist ] Odd Nerdrum
[ Current Favorite Group ] Negativland
[ Current Book you're reading] The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling, reading it via my PDA on software. Next is The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce.
[ Current CD in CD Player] Sonic Youth, "dirty"
[ Current DVD in player] M*A*S*H, 2nd Season. This will shortly be replaced by the recent arrivals of the Kenshin series from NetFlix, that it will.
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] toenail colored
[ Current Refreshment ] diet dr pepper (of course)
[ Current Worry ] New Wrangler, or fix Exploder? New Wrangler, or fix Exploder? New Wrangler, or fix Exploder? :)
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