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Upcoming Spring Concert for RCC!

Hi folks! This Friday and Saturday (April 29 and 30) I'll be in the Renaissance City Choirs production of "Love of Nature, Nature of Love". I'm really excited about this concert, because not only are we doing our usual mix of songs for the first half, we're doing an opera for the second half!

Yes, an opera!

Did I mention it's Dido and Aeneus? Also, we're being accompanied by the wonderful Chatham Baroque!

But it's better than that. We're doing a wonderful twist on this classic tale ... I can't spill what that is, but it's so much fun! The story ends up being happy instead of sad, if you'd believe!

Plus, we have lots and lots of hotness, including one well-built young man near-naked on rollerskates, a lot of dressing and undressing of various leads, and other assorted yums.

So, I encourage everyone to come see us do this wonderful show. It'll be lots of fun, I promise!

Tickets can be purchased here:

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