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If Schroedinger called in a bug..

Scenario: Schroedinger has a box with a verified dead cat in it. He hands the box to customer support of a company, who later hands him back that box. Schroedinger then calls in later. Here's the conversation which follows.

Schroedinger: The cat was dead, it should still be dead.
Customer Support: But we took out the dead cat and put in a live cat.
Schroedinger: The new cat cannot be classified as live.
Customer Support: Can you verify that the cat is dead?
Schroedinger: There was a dead cat before, that is verified.
Customer Support: Sir, yes, that cat was dead. This is why we have replaced it with a live cat. Can you verify that the replaced cat is dead?
Schroedinger: The cat which replaced the dead cat may also be dead. But the dead cat is still dead.
Customer Support: I am sorry for the loss of your previous cat. We have given it a proper funeral and we can send you back its ashes. But can you please verify if the cat we sent you to replace the previous cat is dead or alive?
Schroedinger: To verify the cat's state, one must look inside the box.
Customer Support: Exactly, please do that.
Schroedinger: But until that happens, the cat is neither dead, nor alive. As such, you have not handed me an alive cat.
Customer Support: OK, so, we actually cannot help you until you open the box and verify that the cat is dead. Have a nice day sir.

This is how my day feels like today.

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