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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Update to Morning Glory Inn saga...

Wow, the owner responded to my trip advisor review, and not only is he factually incorrect, he essentially called me a bridezilla. Specifically, I did not book online, I called to book, even asked about a deposit, as documented in my last post. And I called several times about the booking! But proving that he is, in fact, a total jerk, he says that my response is as a Bride who is "emotionally responding". I guess I'm just hysterical and full of hormones, huh?

Yes, I emotionally responded to being told, "that's life," instead of getting an apology for cancelling my wedding night reservation. I don't think that is at all unwarranted or unexpected. But I can very calmly say, "this guy is an ass, don't stay there." I don't think that is bridal hormones speaking.


Wow. How the hell can they say they can't guarantee reservations that far in advance? Most wedding reservations, if you want to have the fancy fairy tale, MUST be made months in advance in order to guarantee the reservation!

That is so incredibly rude. I'm pretty tempted to write them and say I'd considered them as a possible romantic getaway destination, but will now NEVER stay there or send anyone else there.

What rubbish. At least you found out before they wrecked your wedding night.

Look at the snotty responses they're giving other bad reviewers, while not leaving so much as a "thank you" for decent reviews. That says it all right there. ¬_¬

Sexist jerks. You're a bride, so of course you're going to be the "emotional female". You should send this to http://myfaultimfemale.wordpress.com/