gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Update to Morning Glory Inn saga...

Wow, the owner responded to my trip advisor review, and not only is he factually incorrect, he essentially called me a bridezilla. Specifically, I did not book online, I called to book, even asked about a deposit, as documented in my last post. And I called several times about the booking! But proving that he is, in fact, a total jerk, he says that my response is as a Bride who is "emotionally responding". I guess I'm just hysterical and full of hormones, huh?

Yes, I emotionally responded to being told, "that's life," instead of getting an apology for cancelling my wedding night reservation. I don't think that is at all unwarranted or unexpected. But I can very calmly say, "this guy is an ass, don't stay there." I don't think that is bridal hormones speaking.
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