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Living in Pittsburgh, Friday June 4th, 2010

For those of you who do not know, I work in Downtown Pittsburgh. The County Courthouse is across the street from my offices sort of downtown. Today was one of the more fantastic days to be working there.

For lunch, a coworker and I decided to go see the opening day of The Three Rivers Arts Festival. We headed down to Gateway Center, got a bit of lunch at a Cafe there, and browsed through about 2 rows of artists' booths before having to return back to work. We didn't touch much of the Arts Festival, but I did get a nice copper necklace/earring combination at one booth and a photograph of the Grand Tetons from a friend at another.

After work, the UB and I headed over to Seviche for very tasty oysters with a fabulous jalapeno aioli, ahi tuna sliders with wasabi mayonnaise, chili-rubbed salmon with a coconut curry sauce, and, of course, a sampler ceviche trio. Very tasty!

After dinner, we went to the Shaw Galleries to see the Art of Technology and the New Juried Visual Art exhibits. There was a lot of tremendously good stuff in both, but I have to point to one thing: Keepon.

OMG, there was a Keepon there. I got to see a Keepon up close and personal. I got to TOUCH a Keepon!!!

OK, many of you out there are probably asking right now, "What's a Keepon?" ONLY THE CUTEST THING EVER!!

From iPhone Photos

But really, the still image of it just cannot do it justice. Go to Beat Bots and watch every video on that page; then you will understand. If you are in Pittsburgh, you can also visit a Keepon in the next few days at Art of Technology.

After the exhibits, we were going to wander back down to the Arts Festival, but a storm made that idea much more unpleasant. We knew we were headed to Bricolage in an hourish only a block away, so we decided to cool our heels in the very dry Crazy Mocha, and got ourselves a couple of teas while playing Carcassonne on my iPad.

Around 8:30pm, we headed over to Bricolage Theater for Midnight Radio. Bricolage does a lot of interesting things with interactive socializing in their lobby before performances, which is part of its charm. Tonight's fun was being given a plastic bag with a bunch of seemingly random items in it and wandering around the room placing them on walls, in bins, or other objects so that Bricolage can make it fun for us to give them our demographic information. I happily participated in this. Also, there was a giant mad lib list on a wall for us to fill out -- I gave them "Emo" for "Genre".

Around 9pm we were told that the house was open, and we could go into the theater itself and take our seats. The show was old time radio, complete with manual special effects produced right before our eyes, and much hilarity with the scripts and "ads". We even had a light up applause sign! Of course, there was an actual mad libs script read to us; our markered words fulfilling the promise of a... well, they're running two more days with this one, so I'll not spoil that surprise.

Anyway, a very good day with lots to do in Pittsburgh.
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