gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, around noon today (four hours into my sleep) I was dreaming
intensely about being in hell fighting Satan's Minions, or maybe I
was one of them fighting someone else... hrmmm. In any case, it
was a fun dream full of action and adventure, and I was enjoying
it very much when...

"Gwen? Gwen? I know it's early, but you should probably wake up
and see this. Your car has a sticker on it that claims it's
abandoned. We just found it."

I groaned something about needing more sleep, my roommate went back
downstairs... but sleep was gone by that point. I got up.

Sure enough, there was a sticker on my car telling me it's an
Abandoned Vehicle.

I got on the phone, after some running around found a cop who'd
actually discuss the matter of my car being MY CAR IN FRONT OF MY
HOUSE with me, but only insofar as to be completely and aggressively
unhelpful. Without registration and inspection, the car could be
towed at any time as long as it's on a public street.

At this point I realize that since it's just after noon EDT...
that's just after 9am PDT! I *just might* be able to get through
to the CA DMV for once! I call... and after much holding, in fact
do get someone who finally tells me how I can obtain a copy of my
title. Sometime in the next month.

Oh well, that's better than nothing. I do a few more things around
the house, try to pass out again later for a nap, but sleep was
just not to be had. So, at 4:30pm, I get into my car and drive it
to the auto repair shop, my roommate following me to be sure I
didn't explode, or otherwise fall apart on the road getting there.

Fortunately, the car seems to be used to operating without a drop
of transmission fluid in it at this point, so I got there with no
problem, then talked to the guys behind the desk. They can't get
to my car until next week, but yes it's off the street so no towing.
And it might just be a gasket, no problem with the transmission.
If that's the case, I might just keep the Exploder for a while

You see, I like the idea of a Wrangler immensely, but I like the
idea of no monthly payments on the vehicle (with reduced insurance
too) more than the idea of paying $500/month between loan payments
and insurance for the Wrangler. But that theory only holds up
if the Exploder doesn't cost more in repairs.

Will see.

From there I biked to Lunars, had a good combat session, but then
managed to botch vs sleep for the rest of the session -- fortunately,
the attention was mostly on Hudson's subplot anyway. Oops.

Tomorrow, I'm posting signs all over the house that read:


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