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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
It snowed in Pittsburgh...

The weather reports predicted 10-12" of snow for Pittsburgh yesterday. Because most recent predictions of dire snow have turned up about half the predicted snowfall, many disbelieved. We ended up getting 21.5" in the city (some areas reported up to 30", even). Needless to say, we were all quite unprepared for this.

Sadly, neither the UB nor I thought about this impending snowstorm last evening. A bit of background, my house is the very last house at the end of a dead-end alleyway. We are last in the list of streets to plow and salt. Last winter, the street was a permanent river of ice for about 2 months. And even when the weather is great, getting in or out of the narrow alleyway requires driving backwards, very carefully past sometimes badly parked cars. So, normally we just don't park on this street, opting for the very convenient weird lot nearby instead.

Back to this story. The UB decided to park in front of the house for once yesterday. And when I got home, I didn't think, "Oh hey, this is probably a bad idea... I should move it." And now my street looks like this:

Further, the weather report is telling us that not only is the snow not melting for the conceivable future, we're expecting a lot more snow in the next week. Good thing we don't really need the car!

So today we decided to go wandering around the neighborhood taking pictures of the Southside. And here are a few selected ones.

Beautiful view in the back of the Southside Works towards the river through the park:

The snow was a very heavy, wet snow, which is danger for unprepared structures. We saw many downed awnings all over the Southside. This was the outdoor stage for the Southside Works courtyard, but the snow collapsed the roof:

The heavy snow also took down branches of trees all over the place. The branch that was broken off was at the foot of this tree:

But worse, the falling branches and trees took out many power lines, leaving many without power (at the time of this writing, I have seen many tweets about and from those who have been without power and heat for 24 hours). Fortunately this tree only two blocks from my house seemed to only take down a telephone line to Cupka's:

Because of this lack of power and heat being so widespread, the city set up a number of "Warming Shelters" where people could stay to survive tonight's cold temperatures of 8F. For us, this is the Ormsby Recreation Center. We saw some of the preparations to set this up during our walk:

And everywhere there were people out walking, getting out of the house to see their own covered streets, and taking in the sun that followed the storm:

In fact, there were a lot of people in the main stretch of Carson:

And even some folks who were totally insane and on their bicycles:

We took a break ourselves in the very crowded Fatheads Saloon! After 3 beers and dinner, we meandered home in the sunset.

The full set of the pictures (there are many of them!) are here. Enjoy!

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Well, at least your street gets plowed and salted. We're having a shoveling party tomorrow morning at 10:30am since the guy we pay to plow our road just couldn't handle it this time. Of course, 22" will do that. Too bad it's Asshole Neighbor we're bailing out since it's his week, but better we shovel out way out now so that we can escape him later. (Plus if we shovel it out enough, the plow can finish the job for us, we hope. Assuming he doesn't need to get towed out a third time.)

Tomorrow night's going to be cold, too. Drip your water tonight and catch up on your DVR tomorrow. :)

We once saw salt and plowing on the street, once, about a month ago. I figure he was bored. And it only came halfway down the street, not nearly to our house. Also, it was pretty much just a single pass to get a few grains of salt laid down.

We are so not going to see a plow from this or later this week's storm. We're digging the car out with a spade in bits and pieces -- the UB just went to REI to see if they have actual snow shovels in fact. I doubt our neighbors will do much too, since those that aren't rentals are elderly.

There is one karmic retribution you'll get with cranky neighbor, btw. It's supposed to dump another 6" on us mid-week. That'll be his problem!

Unfortunately no. It'll be the architect's problem on Wednesday and Thursday - shoveling duty runs from Monday through Sunday. It'll also be our problem because we're going to the Pens game Wednesday night and have to hope we can make it back onto the street that night.

I think the top-of-the-street neighbor just ran a snowblower through our driveway. I think I need to become better neighbors with them. :)

I so envy people with snowblowers right now.