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  • 14:06 OK, I'm finding it impossible to locate the "postcard" stamps on the USPS shopping site.
  • 14:09 Geez, finally found it. Stupid site!
  • 18:47 Multiple of you have commented on Google pulling support for IE6. I will note that I can't use google docs IN THEIR OWN BROWSER: Chrome.
  • 18:48 Well, correction: I can use google docs in Chrome... just not copy or paste.... or other useful functionality.
  • 19:23 Holy cow, I might have the Save the Dates out in the next week!
  • 19:43 dammit firefox, all I have open is google docs, gmail, a web page, and a livejournal comment that I'd like to post. Why did you hang???
  • 20:19 Hmm, I just realized that the postcard stamps I got aren't going to work for the international sendings...
  • 23:40 Due to sad circumstances concerning reprogramming the Tivo, got subjected to bible thumping TV. It's almost an SNL skit, but scary.
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