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  • 10:07 My day has been eventful already, and it's only 10am. Sigh.
  • 12:36 I heard the CAPA students' protest from the office window earlier today. My heart goes out to that poor kid who was horribly beaten.
  • 16:07 OK, the @wpxi Local News app is seriously irritating me with its push notifications. Already read the article, BEFORE it buzzed me 3 times!
  • 16:44 State House bans hand-held phones, texting while driving ** No Twittering while you drive!
  • 17:41 Was blocked from getting done what I needed done. Found out how to fix that, and documented it for the rest of the team. Go me?
  • 17:54 - More CAPA protests
  • 18:15 - Stupid traffic
  • 18:58 Rehearsel time, can I sing? (@ East Liberty Presbyterian Church)
  • 22:10 Looking forward to today ending. It's not been a good one.
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