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Double Wide Grill

A couple of weeks ago, before I was sick, dutin0 came to visit.

I suggested we go to Double Wide Grill, for three reasons:

1) The weather looked like it was turning bad that night, and we could retreat by walking to my house easily if needs be.
2) The draft beer list is fabulous.
3) The food is good.

The night was a success, we did end up at my house after Double Wide Grill for an impromptu party, but that's another story. I am posting here to tell you about the restaurant.

Double Wide Grill is easily one of my most frequented dining spots. It is at 24th and E. Carson (my house is ~5 short blocks away), putting it between the Southside Works and the Birmingham Bridge. The building was an automotive repair shop (and much earlier, a gas station) even as recently as 10 years ago. The restaurant/bar keeps this motif now.

Why yes, that is a truck over the bar. The general theme is that "Tessie Mae Hullficker" and her husband "Hank" decided to open a restaurant in what was his garage space, "It seemed peoples liked my Bar-B-Q better than Hank's tune ups (Hank's deaf in one ear)." The truth is that this is one of the many ventures on E. Carson brought to us by the owners of The Beehive Coffeehouse. You can tell by the pinball machine in the restaurant.

But they do have a lot of fun with the theme, even building a trailer in the outdoor patio for the winter months.

But what makes this place stand out is that the beer list boasts over 30 taps for usual and craft beers. They even have growlers if you want to take some of that home with you (we frequently use this feature too!)

Oh, and they have wine too.

But the food is also quite special. Consider upscale diner food, and then with vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options. You can get Carribean Rum Tofu or Tilapia, Pulled Pork (in real or seitan versions), or Potato or Shrimp Tacos just to name a few entrees. Or if you can't decide between them, there's a "TV dinner" plate that boasts three entrees and a few appetizers.. though I recommend preparing for taking half of this home. Also, the "Junkyard Nachos" are quite tasty with all kinds of toppings (cheese, jalepenos, salsa, black beans, sour cream, and optional avocado/guacamole/chicken/etc), but again I recommend eating this with several of your friends.

So, that's my story of one of my favorite dining locations. Don't go there expecting fine gourmet food, but if you're hankering for some down-home cookin' with a twist, and some great beer to go with it, this is definitely your place.
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