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Penn Brewery, resurrected!

So, if you haven't heard what's been going on with Penn Brewery, I'll just sum it up quickly here:

1) Founder of Penn Brewery wished to retire, so sold it to someone.
2) Said someone turned out to be a dipshit, and managed to run the business into the ground very quickly.
3) Old staff and founder of Penn Brewery staged a coup, and reclaimed it from said dipshit.

OK, now you're caught up.

So, Penn Brewery held an open house last night, the first of a planned series, to showcase their return to brewing on site. There's a lengthy article about this in the Post Gazette, so if you want more specifics, go read that.

But anyway, the UB and I went, and it was really quite fun!

We ran into some friends while there, and hung out while navigating the line and drinking our freshly tapped from the barrel beer. So much fun and yumminess! We also opted to go on the tour and find out what's in store -- basically, the restaurant should be open again sometime in February, but they're placing the priority in getting the brewing back on pace, of course. This is a bit more of a dilemna than you might think since the dipshit managed to sell off half of the equipment. He also managed to leave them in quite a bit of debt too, so they're going to have to swim out of that while getting jumpstarted all over again.

So, to sum up, I'm looking forward to going to the forthcoming open houses, and to the restaurant when it opens again! Keep your eye on their website for information on when they're coming up so you can go too.

Help Penn Brewery stay alive!

(More pictures from the opening are here.)
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