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  • 09:09 Rant: Dear World, HTML is not a programming language. It is a markup language. It even says so in its name. (end rant.. look, markup!)
  • 09:17 Oddly, @kelli mentioning recursion just made me think, "Hmm, I wonder if seating arrangements at the wedding can be solved with a script.."
  • 09:57 Public Service Announcement: I *refused* to do seating charts for the wedding. I am holding to this refusal. My coding idea was theory, ONLY
  • 10:10 Speaking of wedding and kids and dinner... I do actually need to have someone supervising the kids during dinner, any volunteers?
  • 13:59 oo, "his plan to salvage the 48-year-old landmark and transform it into a community ice skating rink" Yes, please!
  • 18:59 Why is Forbes a clusterfuck?
  • 19:01 Oh, because the lights are out of sync
  • 21:09 Done with traffic! (@ The Library in Pittsburgh)
  • 21:29 Hey, @sandman71, blast you and your hockey team!
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