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  • 10:25 Sigh, because I'm becoming used to the common misspelling of "lose", I just read "a loose wire" as a wire that lost.
  • 10:50 Dear iphone, please finish syncing so I can continue studying for the ham radio exam later today!
  • 10:55 Oh, for all who were wondering who was the girl at brewfest with me last night? She's @mao_invictus!
  • 11:45 Ham radio exam time! #fb (@ Northland Public Library in Pittsburgh w/ @shadow)
  • 12:05 Waiting on my technician results.
  • 12:09 Passed!
  • 12:34 Now waiting on general class results: expecting a fail, since I didn't study for those questions.
  • 12:42 Apparently I almost made general. Not bad for no studying!
  • 13:04 - Starbucks minibooth... Seriously?
  • 13:29 So, @shadow just asked me, "Does ham radio communicate the swine flu?"
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