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  • 08:54 Ooooo, I just realized that now that my rehearsel tomorrow is cancelled, I can take the Ham Radio Exam at noon! I'll join the @HackPgh hams!
  • 08:56 Dear @twitter. Please bring back the "in reply to". There are comments I really wonder what they're replying to. Like @mg4h's last post.
  • 10:11 Google Voice apparently transcribes my full name (Gwendolyn) as "Grand Jury Inn". I like that.
  • 16:37 I'll be tweeting what I drink from #brewfest tonight!
  • 18:22 Stupid bus. @pghtransit, make our bus come! Several of us waiting at 26 & Sarah, inbound for 51A!
  • 18:46 Been waiting for bus for 45 minutes now. @pghtransit #fail
  • 18:52 At this point waiting on e Carson and still no bus. Total total @pghtransit #fail
  • 18:55 Finally on a bus. Not the right bus, but a bus.
  • 19:24 Finally at #brewfest! So far, Hometown Pennsylvania Lager. Typical lager. Troeg's Java Stout. Always tasty, kinda tart.
  • 19:29 #brewfest old red cease and desist: almost honeylike. Chewy, mellow, I like this
  • 19:32 #brewfest victory wild devil ale. Tart, subtley hopped, almost tastes like orange.
  • 19:35 Arcadia coco loco. Bitter chocolate taste, with sweet undertones. Interesting.
  • 19:37 New holland dragon's milk. Spicy, robust, creamy. One of my all time favorite. #brewfest
  • 19:43 Rivertowne maple brown. Creamy, mellow, hints of the maple. I'm told they'll have pumpkin at the pourhouse until thanksgiving. #brewfest
  • 19:46 Ithaca apricot wheat. Very heavy on the apricot, but not overly sweet. Good summer brew. #brewfest
  • 19:48 - The barroom at #brewfest
  • 19:50 North coast old imperial stout. Creamy, mellow, more mellow than I would expect for an imperial. Almost smoky. #brewfest
  • 19:51 They are pouring full glasses most places. I may not get to everything, feel woozy now! #brewfest
  • 20:02 #brewfest boulder sweaty Betty blonde. Tartish, almost fruity.
  • 20:16 Omg, I am drunk. So, I toast you with my brekenridge vanilla porter, last brew. Yummy, real vanilla taste without being too sweet. #brewfest
  • 20:37 This is a drunken tweet for @allthingsnoisy
  • 20:49 Where is my @shadow?
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