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  • 11:51 It appears that we have an extra Brufest ( ticket for tomorrow. $25. If you want it, let me know! #fb
  • 12:32 So, I'm going to start pimping my RCC concert now, because it will RULE. And you should go. Dec 19th, folks. I AM SOLOING.
  • 12:33 And while will my Dec 19th concert rule? FIVE GOLDEN RINGS SHOUTED from the Carnegie Music Hall Balcony. That's just one awesome!
  • 12:35 Plus, I'm going to be having contests from the @rccpgh account winning free tix to the concert starting in the next few days.
  • 12:42 OK, why has Twitter removed the "in reply to" feature from the web page?
  • 12:47 Come to our Holiday Concert on Dec 19th! Because where else will you hear PDQ Bach and Saint Saens in the same concert?
  • 16:08 I am so ready for the end of the work day.
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