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  • 09:38 Are we going to have a Twiwrimo next? Would things be any different for it?
  • 09:45 I am attempting to feed the trending topic for all boob advocates everywhere! #breastfeeling
  • 10:08 Ooo, it's a Squirrel! Hello @angswann!
  • 10:14 This seriously has to be the best headline ever: Beer thieves sought in Paradise
  • 10:31 Is it lunchtime yet? Hell, is it going-home time yet? No? Well... damn.
  • 11:33 OK, @reluctantveggie is giving away 8 $25 Giant Eagle gift cards. I'm totally trying for one, of course! #marketdistrict
  • 14:33 Secretary of the office comes in, sees me all bundled up in my hat, scarf, and shawl while working; asks me, "Are you cold?"
  • 14:46 Is it 5pm yet? I.e., is it time for beer at Harris Grill yet? No? Sigh.
  • 14:58 Why on earth do I read comments on major websites? Why do I keep forgetting that trolls lurk there, ready to consume my brain?
  • 17:04 Dear recruiter who decided to contact me out of the blue: LAMP denotes "Linux Web Administration", not "Microsoft Web Development".
  • 17:07 Oh, btw. Dear Luke: Your education tax is a dumb, dumb, dumb idea. Perhaps you should try attending one of these institutions instead.
  • 17:43 Happy hour (@ Harris Grill in Pittsburgh w/ @shadow)
  • 18:50 Apparently 1 year olds have limited amusement with iChalky (@ East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh)
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