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  • 11:06 RT @JustinKownacki Ms. @JanePitt writes a weepy, poop-filled love letter to Pittsburgh:
  • 11:08 Oh, @pghrugbyangel: I totally heard @jimlokay giving mad props to your team on the news this morning!
  • 11:35 OK, new use for #ff! I made this list for those accounts which are made with funny! @gwenix/funny -- follow any account therein or the list!
  • 13:00 Uhm, I left my umbrella on my desk. Of course, now it's pouring. Doh!
  • 14:18 Dear brain: Please stop singing "In the Bleak Midwinter" from the @RCCPgh repertoire. You've been doing this for 6 hours now, and I'm done.
  • 14:56 Looking for something to do in Pittsburgh? I've created the list @gwenix/pghevents! #ff
  • 16:33 RT @rccpgh For RCC members: tomorrow's rehearsel will be at ELPC, 9:30am. Meet in the sanctuary. #fb
  • 20:49 Voltaire show - Patricia Wake on stage now! (@ Rex Theater in Pittsburgh w/ @shadow)
  • 20:54 - Patricia Wake on stage
  • 21:55 - Hellblinki Sextet on stage
  • 22:33 - Voltaire is on stage!
  • 23:03 Graffiti in the bathroom: "Synnergy is everything" Apparently it's so everything, it requires more "n".
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