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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 09:27 Dear wedding caterers: when I request vegan accomodations for my guests, please stop sending me meat-only menus. *I* can't eat them!
  • 17:59 OK, after a lot of fuss, I found the perfect reception venue. It totally wowed me, and it's two blocks from my house.
  • 07:56 Holy winds, Batman!
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Two blocks from your house? That sounds like it would be Sokol Club (where Kathy and I had our reception). Or did you find somewhere else that's two blocks from your house?

Not Sokol! It's not IBEW or the incoming hotel either.

It's actually a film studio right behind the railroad tracks. Really really gorgeous setup inside, with different areas for a bar/lounge area, the ballroom/dining hall, a cafe sort of area, a photo booth, a large room to serve as the bridal party room, two kitchens...

Plus, they are only the space; I choose my own alcohol (they do have a license, but I provide the booze.. which means I can obtain it by attrition over the course of this year), I choose the caterer (yay, I can choose someone who understand what Vegan means!), etc etc etc.

AND! The setup is such that I can create a kids' area inside for kids to have a play area, and set up a gaming area for anyone who wants to play games...

Oh, and did I mention that I get the space for six hours?

Here's something to note for you though: there are surround sound speakers inside, but I am not allowed to hook up a DJ rig to them (someone blew out their speakers in the past). I am allowed to hook up a computer to them, so I'm going to ask if it's OK to have a DJ work via the computer. I'll get DJ software for my laptop in that case and have it all done through that. This means I can also have special DJ time slots for dancing, and just run iTunes for dinner.