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  • 08:13 - Pink fountain outside Oxford Center
  • 12:35 Ah, this shows how much I've been paying attention recently. I will not be at Nail Candy, I'm already triple booked! Have fun, y'all.
  • 14:50 Hmm. I forgot my umbrella, and I'm going to the Gallery Crawl tonight.. and it's raining. Of course!
  • 18:29 Been waiting 20 mins for a bus that should have come 12 mins ago. @pghtransit, make the 86s show up in the Strip?
  • 01:39 Yah, so, I canceled a wine trip for a rehearsel... which got rescheduled to occur during Podcamp. I'm seriously pissed off now.
  • 01:39 And no, I'm not missing Podcamp anymore than I already was.
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