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  • 08:01 My dream last night: Godzilla dream! Except that all the Godzilla monsters were Chibis.
  • 09:11 Wow, amusing article on indypgh tells of scanner saying "100 protesters on Butler found.." but it was a crowd leaving 80s night.
  • 09:19 As to the Pamela's window payment; often the protesters who aren't destructive try to clean up after the few who are.
  • 09:20 #crappylove You know, this hash tag is very ironic. Happy Anniversary @unclecrappy and @Mrscrappy !
  • 09:49 RT @kelli: I think I may run into a protest march on my walking commute to school. I hear them from my living room. (Squirrel Hill) #G20
  • 09:51 Squill lunchers, we still doing Sun Penang at 12:15?
  • 10:17 RT @BlackCatBonfeed: "Gravity + Grace", the new opera by F. Ferraro and S. Pellegrino, opens tonight!
  • 10:30 RT @kelli: Team of 4 acquisitioned PAT buses just passed me. Full of police etc, incl at least one bus full w riot geared enforcement. #g20
  • 10:44 RT @arvinclay: Hey Pgh! We need to raise funds to help some of the local businesses recoup the damages from last nigh. DM me with ideas!
  • 11:02 So, @arvinclay is going to set up an account to collect funds for distributing to local businesses damaged in last night's protests.
  • 11:02 I'll pass on the word when he has that all set up.
  • 11:50 OK, I'm going to head over. Gotta find parking, and want to hit Rite Aid. See those who are coming at Sun Penang at 12:15!
  • 13:50 Well, glad I'm not in the office: RT @G20IMC: Police scanner: lmajor police presence at 5th & Ross #g20 #reportg20
  • 13:53 It seems today, so far, that the protest is going peacefully and without damage. Am I right in this assessment?
  • 13:57 RT @robjdlc: LRAD Audio device being used at liberty and grant #g20
  • 14:01 RT @G20IMC: Police filming #g20pgh protesters from I-579 overlook. Also taking still photos of people not wearing masks. from scanner.
  • 14:06 So, why the huge police response to the peaceful, permitted march? I'm very confused here.
  • 14:26 As a note, indypgh/g20/ has a live stream of the speakers Downtown right now.
  • 14:26 RT @Chris_Lugo: #g20 Police scanner: "I have a protest coming up my rear." Interesting ;-)
  • 14:56 Hee! RT @mao_invictus: @gwenix usually the protest happens after it comes up their rear. :)
  • 14:59 RT @FunkyDung: camo arrest video not fake? hmm... #g20
  • 15:10 RT @ljcarney: students trapped in a stairwell and gassed from either side!
  • 15:30 RT @vitroth: We should have major downtown lockdowns more often. Best rush hour traffic ever!
  • 15:31 Heh, apparently there'll be an impromptu gathering of protesters for a vigil tonight at Scheneley Plaza. Wonder how that'll work with @wyep?
  • 15:52 OH, *heart* ginfinity radio for playing PWEI's "Ich Bin Ein Auslander". I am totally doing the butt dance!
  • 16:01 Well, phew. It looks like today went much more smoothly than I feared. Good!
  • 16:13 RT @gumbercules: Great pics of yesterday's #g20 protest in Oakland's Schenley Plaza by @robjdlc:
  • 16:17 Hmm, I can still taste the yummy green curry from lunch. Happy tummy.
  • 16:38 OK Tweeps. It's time to head off to dinner, and then the opera opening performance. Laters!
  • 22:01 Guards at the Washington Blvd police station look bored.
  • 23:42 Yah, I just totally drove into the protests.
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