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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 08:28 RT @adders: Best typo correction EVAR: bit.ly/3Jzj8w
  • 09:17 OK, tuning into bit.ly/mkwtt (indymedia's g20 coverage) radio to keep up with what's going on.
  • 09:46 RT @Franktuary: #G20 Sight: Pittsbirgh chief of police standing across the street from Franktuary. Hey, great lunch over here!
  • 09:53 Impromptu lunch tweetup in squill area today then? What time, where? If all hell does break loose, is Point Brugge a safe choice?
  • 11:36 RT @MattressFactory: At the perimeter #myg20 #g20 twitpic.com/iy401
  • 11:46 Watch @MattressFactory in the next few for interesting pictures of a monk protest going on now! #G20
  • 12:00 finally heading to lunch at uncle sam's in squill!
  • 13:44 Apparently now I have mms
  • 14:12 Dear Paypal, why are you not actually working? I need to pay for a wedding dress.
  • 14:15 OK, what's wrong with the internet? gmail, paypal, and ebay are all crashing on and off. Another DDOS?
  • 14:19 Report from indypgh ginfinity radio: Protesters and police gathering in Lawrenceville for the upcoming march.
  • 14:51 RT @cwpress: #g20 following @jrails1983 for pics: twitpic.com/photos/jrails1983and pgh police scanner here: ow.ly/qVh3
  • 15:22 RT @steveklabnik: The dumpsters are going down the hill into the barriers #reportg20 #g20
  • 15:24 It's apparently on. Dumpsters being sent to attack the fences, tear gas sprayed. Be safe, everyone. #G20
  • 15:41 RT @allartburns: saw a great sign on a bike at #cmu today, "USA OUT OF PGH" #pgh #g20
  • 15:56 IMC radio reporting that PNC on Liberty was smashed up. #G20
  • 16:03 RT @mindbling: Nice! We tear gassed Brain Todd of CNN.
  • 16:31 Dammit Gmail, why are you down again?
  • 16:32 Choppers flying overhead. (I'm in Squirrel Hill, near Point Breeze.) #G20
  • 16:34 Btw, the protesters changed route from going Downtown and *then* broke windows at a PNC *after* cops sprayed them with tear gas.
  • 16:36 I wanted to point out the order of events not to justify the protesters, but to say that the cops are contributing to the mess.
  • 16:39 OK, going offline for reading Tweets so I can get our potluck dinner going, and get to rehearsel on time. Laters.
  • 19:23 RT @bksnavely: Looks relatively intense bit.ly/10FYPk
  • 20:20 RT @MacGirlie: After all the protest, police & media coverage #lawrenceville got today: it looks like nothing happened here at all.  #g20
  • 22:08 Armed guards outside Washington Blvd police station. #G20
  • 22:59 Most protesters aren't doing the damage, by the way. I just want to make sure that's clear, don't blame the whole for a few.
  • 23:00 OK, I should head to sleep. Tomorrow night is opening night, and we apparently have a full house! Saturday at 2pm still has tickets though!
  • 00:23 Chopper noise keeping me awake.
  • 00:24 Dear choppers flying low over Squill, I need to sleep. Pls set flying to quiet.
  • 00:28 Dear protesters, pls don't break my new windows. The ghetto window, otoh....
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