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  • 08:20 Morning Tweetverse. Ready for #G20? It's here!
  • 10:23 RT @iheartpgh: This is upsetting to hear that this happens #g20; the project is good for pgh; no one deserves this
  • 10:27 Ooo, fun twitter project! RT @mightymur: New blog post: Random thought- Nano WriMo
  • 10:32 Working from home advantages: MUSIC ON SPEAKERS WHILE STILL IN NIGHTGOWN! FTW! (Well, no music while I'm on this conf call.)
  • 10:37 Yah, there go the helicopters.
  • 11:04 Reports about the protests streaming live: (User contributed, they're dispersing info as they get it)
  • 11:04 The West End Bridge protesters are an official Greenpeace protest.
  • 11:18 OK, given that I have to cross bridges to relocate, I'm going to get ready and relocate in the next hour. Offline for a bit.
  • 11:59 - Hill district fire engine preparing hoses by Schenley Plaza
  • 12:02 - Carnegie museum being boarded up #G20
  • 12:27 Ack, help? I can't figure out how to get my XP machine to connect to a non-broadcast SSID, how do I do that?
  • 12:49 OMG, this is so frustrating. If I had network, I should take a picture of what I see on this XP box. But it's not:
  • 12:49 RT @run_atalanta: from live TV feed, greenpeace folks coming up off the banner, and police seem congenial. Cool heads prevailing so far.
  • 13:09 Here is what I see when I go to Wireless Networks from Control Panel:
  • 13:16 omg, thanks to @mao_invictus ! My XP was actually messed up in how it was doing wireless. Working now!
  • 14:03 RT @mao_invictus: wonders just how she will be able to sleep next week without the reassuring whirl of helicopters constantly overhead.
  • 14:16 Argh! The Great Race is on Sunday! That'll make my commute to church difficult.
  • 14:24 Cops will be responding to everything in large packs. Don't take any cluster of cops seirously until you know more.
  • 14:25 Like, "OMG, someone turned right in a NO TURN ON RED zone!" three zillion cops from 4 states show up.
  • 14:48 CMU ppl: is CMU open tomorrow?
  • 14:51 RT @egreenpg: OH here at the PG, staffer on phone: "Stay away from downtown. There's nothing downtown but police officers. And God." #g20
  • 15:38 OK, so far today we've had a few ppl drop lines and a banner off a bridge.. pretty tame so far.
  • 15:39 RT @run_atalanta: Cool! "On The Menus At The G20 Summit in Pittsburgh: It's All Local, Sustainable and Organic Food"
  • 16:03 Mom's cat is very confused by Andy, the baby dinosaur.
  • 16:39 There comes another transport chopper. Massive things they are.
  • 17:09 - Police waiting at American Eagle HQ
  • 20:12 We're starting our first big run through for Gravity+Grace!
  • 20:59 RT @rccpgh: Gravity + Grace, contemporary opera in Fox Chapel this weekend!
  • 22:44 Sleepytime. Very very sleepy.. time.
  • 22:44 Here's hoping for a tomorrow that was as calm as today. #G20
  • 07:02 RT @southsidepgh: Overnight in the city: few incidents reported * This reads like a campus police blotter.
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