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  • 09:11 OH on elevator: "Have you seen any protestors yet? I keep looking for them!" *giggle*
  • 10:26 This is useful information. RT @allthingsnoisy Map of possible protest locations: #G20
  • 10:34 Folks, protesters will spend a few days being annoying and making a mess. They're not going to hurt anyone. We'll get through this.
  • 10:35 OTOH, the cops are on super-edge, and may hurt people. Do not try to talk to them during any scuffles, just get out of their way.
  • 10:35 Those are my announcements from my experiences in protests. Yes, i'm an erstwhile protester, I out myself.
  • 10:44 Random advice for G20: Dress up if you're near protests. You don't want the cops to mistake you for a protester. #G20
  • 10:46 Random advice for G20: If you see anything any problems, flee quickly, but don't run. Don't be mistaken as part of the mess. #G20
  • 10:47 Random advice for G20: Keep your ID on you at all times this week. #G20
  • 10:48 I'll send out more of that as I think of them. I want my fellow Pittsburghers to stay safe.
  • 11:11 - Three choppers over downtown. #G20
  • 12:22 Why do companies even bother to ask if you prefer to be contacted by email if they're just going to ignore it?
  • 14:25 Random G20 advice: If you're in a car surrounded by protesters, turn off the car, smile, and wait for them to pass. #G20
  • 14:26 The only times I've seen protesters go after cars is when the cars try to run over the protesters. Sadly, that's frequent. #G20
  • 14:27 Well, amending that: go after cars with people in them. More sadly: parked cars are targets, sorry. #G20
  • 14:29 Random G20 advice: Park your cars away from expected protest areas. Find a friend in the suburbs if needs be. #G20
  • 15:22 RT @mdvana OH a PGH cop "cant wait to bust some ass". if they dont find excuses to be abusive during #g20 , beware your next traffic stop
  • 15:23 I've heard more sirens than usual going down Grant St today.
  • 15:25 The PghCop wanting to "bust some ass" is making me very very sad. That's precisely what leads to so much violence. #G20
  • 15:42 RT @JustinKownacki: The G20 protesters can overturn all the cars they want, but let them try to move a parking chair and see what happens.
  • 16:03 OK, time for me to head off into the mayhem. By that, I mean my rehearsel tonight. Laters!
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