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  • 10:59 It's Steel City Big Pour day! We're heading over now, I'll tweet as I sample.
  • 11:02 Btw, I will use #scbp as my Steel City Big Pour hashtag.
  • 11:27 - Line outside Steel City Big Pour #scbp
  • 11:43 Line is moving, we're going in!
  • 11:52 Ppl are selling tix outside #scbp
  • 12:01 - Waiting to start, the line inside #scbp
  • 12:10 - And we're in! #scbp
  • 12:11 Yards saison: hoppyish Belgian. Great lakes grassroots: light belgianish, yummy. Hennepin farmhouse saison: light, crisp #scbp
  • 12:12 Ommegang abbey: robust Belgian, chewy, yummy #scbp
  • 12:14 - Unibroue booth #scbp
  • 12:16 Weyerbacher imperial pumpkin: spicy, pumpkiny, yummy. Unibroue Blanche de chambly: light, crisp. #scbp
  • 12:19 Founders cerise: fruity, but not too sweet.
  • 12:22 Treogs doublebock: medium bock, a bit too mellow. Treogs java head stout: coffee goodness in a stout. #scbp
  • 12:25 Oskar blues old chub: Scottish robust, yum. Roy pitz louitz watermelon lager: light, crisp, fruity. Good, actually. #scbp
  • 12:27 - And now crowded. #scbp
  • 12:28 - Oh yah, there's food too. #scbp
  • 12:29 - And a band. #scbp
  • 12:36 Stone smoked porter: smoky, chewy, good. Bell's octoberfest: surprisingly meh, more of a lager than October #scbp
  • 12:38 Trash heavyweizen: robust, yummy. Rivertowne white lightning: light, crisp, interesting with coriander. Yum. #scbp
  • 12:39 Rivertowne arctic amber: interesting, medium, but crisp, wheat aftertaste. I like. #scbp
  • 12:42 Oh yeah! Totally oh yeah. Yummy @oysocial, yay! #scbp
  • 12:46 Yards gen. washington porter: smoky, dark, lighter and more hoppy than stone's. Also, they told me that ben franklin spruce ale out. #scbp
  • 12:47 Hoppin frog scottish red: thick, creamy, yum. #scbp
  • 12:49 Victory sunrise weiss: light, crisp, orangey, good for summer on the porch. #scbp
  • 12:52 Yah, less than halfway through, and i'm drunk. #scbp
  • 12:55 - It's @bocktowntapshot at Steel City Big Pour! #scbp
  • 12:56 Voodoo pilzilla: light, crisp, but too hoppy for me. Voodoo gran met: Belgian, thick, I like. #scbp
  • 12:59 Thirsty dog hefeweizen: heavy on clove taste, yum. Thirsty dog orthus: smoky, chewy, interesting. #scbp
  • 13:01 Pipers north country ale: way too hoppy for me. #scbp
  • 13:06 Church brew works rebel ale: interesting, but too hoppy for me. Church brew works Oktoberfest: not very spicy, but wheaty interesting. #scbp
  • 13:15 Sprague farm ale Mary. Good with tana food! Hoppy, light, crisp. #scbp
  • 13:16 Trash lime: probably too hoppy for me, but I don't care cuz it's yummy! #scbp
  • 13:17 Running into all kinds of friends here! #scbp
  • 13:19 - Now really crowded. #scbp
  • 13:21 Shmaltz coney island albino: tastes like tequilla, seriuosly. I like! Shmaltz coney island freaktoberfest: red, hoppy, light. #scbp
  • 13:23 Correction: shmaltz coney island albino python. I still can't get over how much like tequilla it tastes! #scbp
  • 13:29 Penn octoberfest: mellow, almost belgiany, smooth. Mountain state cold trail ale: unexpectedly chewy for an ale. I like! #scbp
  • 13:34 Great lakes glockenspeil: thick, belgiany, yummy. Lancaster octoberfest: thickish, not spicy, really, surprisingly meh. #scbp
  • 13:36 Yah, I'm drunk. #scbp
  • 13:39 - Plastic bag boa scarf #scbp
  • 13:41 - Fatheads blueberry: yummy, and blueberry included!
  • 13:41 Erie German heritage ale: dark, chewy, smoky. #scbp
  • 13:44 Terrepin brown: interesting, but too bitter for me. #scbp
  • 13:46 - Goal: zero waste. #scbp
  • 13:47 Correction: fat heads Bumbleberry, not blueberry. Still yummy and has blueberry included!
  • 13:49 Bullfrog das bier: dark, chewy, hoppyish. East end best dressed chicken: too hoppy for me, but otherwise light, crisp. #scbp
  • 13:50 I need a break from drinking. #scbp
  • 13:54 - Creative reuse award from construction junction. #scbp
  • 14:06 - Allegro hearth bakery: lots of goodies!
  • 14:10 - Geegle cheese table #scbp
  • 14:11 Peak organic pomegranite: chewy fruit, interesting. Wolavers organic pumpkin ale: spicy, chewy, tasty. #scbp
  • 14:15 - Organic room, half of it anyway. Mostly food, some organic beer. #scbp
  • 14:17 Eel river acai berry wheat: light, crisp, fruity, yum. #scbp
  • 14:29 - Awesome door by the bathroom #scbp
  • 14:37 Southern tier pale wheat: too bitter for me but interesting. #scbp
  • 14:40 - A kegerator up for raffle. #scbp
  • 14:43 - New this year, outside stuff! #scbp
  • 14:49 Ichabod pumpkin: light, but spicy, one of my fav pumpkins. Ellicotville blueberry wheat: very blueberry, yummy. #scbp
  • 14:51 Ellicotville oak stout: vanilla tasty stout, but notsweet. Yum #scbp
  • 14:55 - And we are done for this year. So sad. Be back next year, of course! #scbp
  • 15:35 OH: @shadow just said: I have many rules about how to know I am too drunk to drive. Many of them involve going to the bathroom.
  • 18:33 Yah, I just totally made a ringtone for the season: "This is Halloween" from Nightmare before Christmas. I am dorque.
  • 20:08 RT @dgou: Pathetic that US is scared of this: RT @WeAreGeek: Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious USA'
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