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  • 12:18 Dammit, I almost had a quiet weekend other than Big Pour. Now find that Comicon is this weekend.. And Stan Lee will be there!
  • 14:50 - Oh, hai. Apparently the NINJA tour sampler had digital lyrics.
  • 17:43 Ok, I thought today was supposed to be warmer? Brr!
  • 18:07 Apparently my GV mobile app no longer works, it only gives me "invalid credentials." I am sad.
  • 18:44 RT: @davidahilljr: Philadelphia is closing all its libraries? WTF? * er, does this affect pgh too?
  • 18:57 - At the @hackpgh pitch night
  • 21:04 - Kids at Double Wide Grill making an awesome card trail
  • 21:17 - @hackpgh having dinner at Double Wide Grill #hackpgh
  • 07:37 On my day to sleep in, I wake up at ... 7:30. Yeah, thanks body.
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