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  • 09:26 Good morning Tweetverse. Major case of the TGiF going on here, because this weekend is a long one!
  • 11:08 OK, the closest I can find to a wedding song from VNV Nation is "Beloved".. about his dead love. Sigh. Help?
  • 13:06 Ross Park Mall asked for no bus service now. CIII cancelled theirs a few months ago. Why do malls hate bus users?
  • 13:46 Dear whomever thought paper towel dispensers that required you to pull on them while your hands are wet was a good idea: it's really not.
  • 14:02 The terminal theme for gmail makes me laugh.
  • 14:13 Before @shadow corrects me: I don't currently own a car, but I certainly have access to one. Also, I chose bus over car when I had my car.
  • 14:55 In testing my software, I am making 4 tasks for derricks. I am now imagining 4 @shadow clones buzzing around and doing stuff.
  • 16:28 Yeah, it's time to go. WOO THREE DAY WEEKEND!
  • 21:45 At Brewer's Alley in Frederick MD. All other Nut Brown Ales, I am sorry, but I am breaking up with you. I have found The Nut Brown Ale. Yum.
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