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  • 14:10 Bldg advised any employees coming in during G20 to "dress down" to blend in with protestors. But that'd make it more likely I were arrested.
  • 14:39 I'll be in the upcoming production of "Gravity + Grace", an opera to benefit Parkinsons Disease research.
  • 14:42 Also in G+G: @BlackCatBonfeed @mao_invictus @Cladzilla @newWorldwOman and MY MOM!
  • 14:53 Is twitter still going slowly, or are y'all just really really quiet today?
  • 15:47 Oh @angrytownhall, I love you. You make me laugh so much.
  • 16:29 Oh cool, Giant Eagle is doing 25 free prints again this month. SEPT25 code at checkout to get them.
  • 16:41 Sigh. Ticket has a 17 part replication list. I just took two days to finish part 1. Granted, I have done other tickets too, but, frustrated!
  • 16:51 RT @sans_isc:[Diary] Happy Birthday, Internet!, (Wed, Sep 2nd): It all started 40 years ago today, when a couple of ...
  • 16:52 OK, time to head out and sing! First rehearsel for Gravity+Grace tonight, woo!
  • 22:05 Origins just lost a decade of tech: "Just print the form, fill it out, and either fax or mail it in." Seriously???
  • 22:05 I should point out that this "mail it in" crap is for REGISTRATION.
  • 22:10 So, if I just go Sat/Sun, I pay the same as this year's Early Bird. Or! I could become a member of a club and pay less for the full show!
  • 22:10 I think I'm going to suddenly be a member of some random qualifying club. I think my money will be better spent that way.
  • 22:15 Argh!!! I'm on call for the opening of Boondock Saints II!!
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