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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 08:24 Good morning Tweetverse!
  • 09:39 Uhm, I suddenly can't wait for the new bus routes. I want the 75 Ellsworth NOW! It'll take me directly to Bacon Night from home! @PGHTransit
  • 09:50 hippo birdies two ewes. hippo birdies two ewes. hippo birdies deer @jenana37 @robjdlc. hippo birdies two ewes.
  • 10:53 Just heard random screaming and cheering from Grant St. I can't see it, so have no idea what that was about.
  • 12:15 If you ask me for my preferred form of contact, and then call me anyway, why on earth did you ask if I preferred email?
  • 12:29 On her moving day, RT ShanLin1022 Kissler Moving refused to move me. They said it was against their insurance to go down all of my steps.
  • 13:06 Why yes, I just subscribed to @PittsburghPost's PG+ feed. I may never use it, but I do read their site online daily, and want to pay them.
  • 13:14 I just created a pghgoth group on PG+ #fb
  • 13:17 Future News of the Weird piece: RT @PittsburghPost Man robbed bank, sought prison, to get away from wife bit.ly/3cAU2e
  • 14:08 RT @iheartpgh CALL FOR PROPOSALS! Your Big Idea Could Win Cash and Free Waffles for a Year | IheartPGH.com ow.ly/2bpl3q
  • 14:11 Ah, I wonder if this was the commotion on Grant earlier: ...a bunch of models hanging around Downtown at lunchtime, wearing PG+ T-shirts...
  • 14:17 RT @beermerchants SIgn up and win! eepurl.com/dfu6 RT and win too! Case of beer to random RT'er. #newbeermerchantsnewsletter
  • 15:44 Dear Adobe PDF Reader: Please stop slowing down my machine, just because I want to exit a PDF.
  • 16:17 Hey @dutin0, fix gmail for me!
  • 16:30 OK, I'm heading out a bit early. Laters all!
  • 22:39 Just flipped through first half of Sept Vogue. Apparently fugly is the new black this fall.
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