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  • 08:27 Good morning Tweetverse. Last night I dreamt I was a ghost thief in the Ghost Mafia.
  • 08:50 I like how Eventful seems to think that Baltimore, MD is in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.
  • 11:02 All this talk of wine is making me plan this evening as: me + wine + jacuzzi + True Blood episodes. Awww yeeah.
  • 11:28 For general reference folks: I am into very very dry wines. Those don't happen in PA, so understand my bias.
  • 13:51 Headline: "Cheney criticizes probe into CIA interrogations." In other news, water remains wet.
  • 16:08 Seriously, no one else thought of "Fantasia Four"? #whendisneybuysmarvel
  • 16:47 Dear PDFCreator on XP: Why are you just not working most of the time?
  • 16:58 5pm! Time to go commune with my jacuzzi. laters all!
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