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  • 09:13 OK, I think I finally caught up on msgs to me that came in last night while my network was dead. Stupid @comcast nyetwork.
  • 09:16 Dude, if I'm 13 floors up and all the windows are closed, and I can STILL hear your car stereo, it's too loud.
  • 10:01 RT @rccpgh: Hey, come to our Fleatique at East Liberty Presbyterian Church on Saturday! 8am-5pm, we're selling all kinds of items.
  • 10:02 As a note on the Fleatique, I happen to know that there'll be shoes there at least.
  • 10:25 Listening to MYKN's "Angel in the Dark" and realizing I haven't watched Boogiepop Phantom in a while.
  • 10:43 Good thing I brought in my own laptop today. My work laptop is off being upgraded.. *twiddle thumbs*
  • 11:09 Huh, there's my name in the company-wide meeting slide. Welcome to me!
  • 11:54 Meeting done, I'm outtie!
  • 13:35 Ah, just found the source of why my finger got infected: a splinter in the cuticle.
  • 13:48 One coworkers machine, "DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!.." Then another coworker started giggling maniacally...
  • 14:15 #MJconspiracy Aliens realized that Michael Jackson's new tour would expose him for the clone he is; so they ensured its cancellation.
  • 14:16 #MJconspiracy Michael Jackson was going to pay is back debts by selling government secrets on his world tour; the CIA stopped him.
  • 14:16 Ask @d33an, I've been thinking of these MJ conspiracies for days.
  • 14:21 #MJconspiracy The Thriller video was actually prophecy....
  • 17:02 Oh, hey, it's 5pm. Home time!
  • 17:07 Apparently WTAE is reporting something about a CMU student dying in a stairwell.. you CMU folks know anything about this?
  • 17:07 well, I should leave anyway. outtie.
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