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  • 08:52 OK, so, my right index finger is infected and swollen. Pls forgive typos today, is hard to type!
  • 13:32 Frustrating call with doctor's office. "I work 8am-5pm, can leave by 4pm." "So, we can give you an appt at 7:45am, 2:30pm, 3:45pm..."
  • 13:36 So, it looks like I need to find a new doctor with evening/weekend hours. Anyone know a GP or family practice that has those hours?
  • 14:02 The funny thing about my infected index finger is that there's some sort of chain reaction in that hand to cause my pinkie to twitch.
  • 14:52 RT esp. for @shadow: @rstevens Down economy or no, the Pretending to Work At A Coffee Shop Index remains strong.
  • 17:21 OK, time to head out, and soon get to @HackPgh!
  • 17:39 Yup. Almost was run over by someone reading while driving.
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