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  • 09:08 Oook, installed Seesmic at work yesterday, it's now dead. Like, won't start up dead. So much for that.
  • 10:54 I'm thinking of hitting India Palace Cuisine downtown (1 5th ave) for its lunch buffet in an hourish. Anyone want to join me? #fb
  • 11:39 I truly hate my bank. It now doesn't recognize my login ID.
  • 11:41 Oh ho, but it recognizes my login ID long enough to email me my password in PLAIN TEXT. Dumb bank.
  • 11:42 And btw, it is still not recognizing my login ID. Do not bank at First National Bank, folks.
  • 12:04 OK, I'm off to go eat food.
  • 15:03 To @SenArlenSpecter: We need affordable health insurance for every American now #hc09 #PA #15203
  • 15:50 RT @Magentamom Irony: Ad basically says: "celebrate Women's Equality Day by giving the woman in your life the night off from making dinner."
  • 15:51 Mmm, I am so looking forward to tonight's wine tasting at Palate Partners in the Strip.
  • 15:56 Btw, @magentamom is a kickass PR journalist in Columbus. @Mrscrappy is a kickass journalist in the greater Pgh area. I INTRODUCE YOU TWO!
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